Monday, 15 July 2013


I went away for a week and upon arrival I saw news of the Osprey at Abberton Reservoir, with this being a life tick as well I was a little gutted, an Osprey is a bird I wanted to see and pretty much on my doorstep
Although my twitches are getting further afield I'm still either 1. to lazy or 2. not of the mental disposition to think going to Wales (or equivalent distance) for the day is a good idea. However I am being brain washed / shown the light trained, slowly by Messers Harvey, Hawky  & Monkey to put thoughts of distance from my mind and concentrate on the bird in question. Apparently slowly but surely my radius of travel will increase and so it seems.
However I was in Devon and with the family so to ask them to allow me to travel all the way home and back wasn't worth raising; plus i'm still at no.2 above. I would have to wait until the next one...
Luckily for me that Osprey seemed to like Abberton as it was still there last night. I arrived at about 7.30pm to find it sitting in full view (distant and scoped). I hung around for a while hoping it would take flight and go fishing but it seemed settled, a little bit of preening going on but other than that just looking about at what was going on around it.
I then had a Bonus for the list that was shortly after ripped from under my feet as I was advised I couldn't add it to my list :) Ruddy Shelduck x2 Oh Well.
Text out "can I add these two Ruddy Shelduck to my list"
Instantly back "no"
A Green Sandpiper walked the edges and two noisy Common Tern fed behind me.
Used under the creative commons licence - original by Sergey Yeliseev

Anyway just a digiscoped proof of life shot from me
I did get the Bonus in the end though, on the way home just outside Easthorpe two followed by a third Turtle Dove on the wires
Two more added to that list and a really pleasant summers evening over at Layer Breton
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