Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Finally....Spot Fly on the list

After a few local attempts over the Valley courtesy of Messrs Harvey & McGough, the Essex Birdwatching Site came up with goods locally to work;
Spotted Flycatcher x1 - St Nicholas's Church, Church Road, Kelvedon Hatch.
Now weirdly, the weekend before i was actually at this church for a christenning however we only entered the front of the church and never managed a wander around the graves.
So being 10 minutes away from the office it would have been rude not to have a go. Looking through the gates up the side of the church revealed only Robin, so knowing about Fane Hall next to the church i took a wander towards it.
This paid off with a male Bullfinch along with not one but two Spot Fly, after watching for a while as they went about they business i began to notice a patten; from local area, to wires then towards the rectory. Finally managing a view to the rectory gave views of a very full nest, X2 young Spot Fly on the ledge behind the drain pipe and under the eaves; getting loads of food from the parents who were busy catching bugs n grubs.
So from never seeing this bird to 4 in one go and with the adults all very close and easy to view.
Life list 197 and it could so easily be 200 if i could get a pass to go somewhere different for the day....
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