Monday, 5 August 2013

Hashtag & Ticktickbooooom

I had one of those mornings that most people reading this post probably havn't had for many a year......yep 10 ticks in one morning not even a day, one morning. #TickTickBooooom.
During this morning i discovered two things 1. that seawatching is going to take me an age to learn & 2. @davemo57 doesnt use hashtags....... according to Paul you cant teach old dogs new tricks etc etc.....according to Dave everybody should know where Canvey is and as such #'s are not required.......
My first trip to Dungeness affectionately know as Dunge was great, we left about 5am and was on the shingle for sea watching about an hour and half later. I was in the hands of Dave Mo & Paul Hawkins and for my first proper sea watch i didn't really know what to expect, yes I've stood on Titchwell beech for 15 minutes having a look at what was there but only if i new something was about i.e. Long Tailed Duck earlier this year.
First bird of the day pretty much were Sandwich Tern, two birds going West, Life tick no.1
There were a fair few Gannet's of mixed ages, which although not a tick was great to see, the only other Gannet i had seen was a bird at Walthamstow reservoir, so it was good to watch them here. Common Scoter also headed west (mostly) with groups of mixed sizes. Dave pulled a Fulmar which became life tick no 2.
I found myself a Guilimot and Arctic Tern adding another two lifers. Other birds that were called out Manx Shearwater, Bonxie, Arctic Skua and the highlight being two Balearic Shearwater also heading West at 8.06am. All of these being lifers taking the sea watch tally to 8.
The remaining tick of the sea watching were Kitiwake, no.9, with a couple of birds flying out by the line where the water changes colour along with a Juvenile within feet of the shore line.

Both after a shot of the Juvenile Kittiwake

Lots of other good birds including Whimbrel, Little Gull & Mediterranean Gull
After a visit to the patch we headed off to the Arc Pits, here Garganey, Little Ringed Plover, Green Sandpiper, Oystercatcher and my final lifer of the day Black Neck Grebe = No 10.
Also got the oppertunity to put some names to faces: Jim and his dad, whilst his brother Brian was at the other end of the hide with Paul.
Dave & Paul a big thank you for a great morning.

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