Sunday, 25 August 2013

How Many Padlocks?

A call late Friday afternoon and Paul & Bradders are on their way to KGV Reservoir for the Red Necked Phalarope over in Chingford; i was hoping to meet with them at the entrance at 5.15pm but traffice was pretty dire and after battling my way i wasnt going to catch them in time, not wanting to hold them up i headed home.
Earlyish Saturday morning and i had another call, Shaun was on his way; i wasnt going to give up today as i now new that this was a good bird for London and a would be a nice addition to my London List.
Upon arrival i was faced with a test from the Krypton Factor, some eight padlocks holding it fast, i mean i know this is east London but surely if someone wants to get in that badly they will just hop on over the fence?
Up the hill, through the sheep shit and onto the bank to find messrs Harvey, Redfern & Halley-Frame all on the little bird a fair way out; easily picked up thanks to direction and another lifer me.

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