Friday, 23 August 2013

Spoons 2 Bars 0 Ticks 1

A family few days away to Wells in Norfolk gave me a couple of hours birding time, however sadly the sand banks at the Wells harbour are a lot smaller than they used to be and as such are further out, the smaller waders are just to small for me to ID but larger ones such as Curlew, Oystercatcher were in abundance.
Apparently the shrinkage of the sand banks is due to the dredging of the boat channel to Wells Harbour; sand is being placed in other areas which in turn is affecting the tide flow. The Common Terns that were nesting on these shingle/sandy banks have now relocated, not in the same numbers, to the spit just behind the life boat station and these could be viewed easily with the eye.
A few Turnstone and Redshank cruised the shoreline along the walk into town from the beach.
So with a couple of hours to spare on Wednesday afternoon I managed to get the whole family off to Titchwell, we didn't do much just a walk down to the Parinder hides and back but it was pretty good.
The biggest thing that happened was the wife actually looked through the scope and paid an interest in the Spoonbills that were showing really well; heads up and even flying about; apparently up to 12 birds there yesterday morning but only two whilst we viewed.
A self found Little Stint, confirmed by one of the RSPB guys, gave me my 3rd record and best views of this little bird; the wife looked and made some weird noise as if to say it looks brown, small and unimpressive but I was pleased.
Little Ringed Plovers, Spotted Redshanks, Knot, Ruff and Golden Plover made up the supporting cast on the fresh marsh. The salt marsh held a couple of Grey Plover and a Common Scoter.
A female Marsh Harrier hunted over to the left as you walk down the main path.
So yesterday we headed back to the gloom that is Hornchurch and its surrounds but managed to stop off at Lynford Arboretum, this was on route and gave me a possible two Life Ticks. As I approached the Larchs near the entrance it was very quiet, nothing but after a bit the birds started to come in. The best seen were Treecreeper and Nuthatch.
Shortly after a flight call that I hadn't heard before started to head my way and 11 Crossbill dropped out of the sky onto the trees, I quickly scanned looking for the Juv 2 bar but it wasn't to be seen. The rain started to bucket it down so I jumped back in the car and headed home.
Crossbill = Life Tick, well worth popping in
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