Sunday, 1 January 2017

So this is how it feels....

On Friday (30th) me and Monkey decided to head to Stow on the Wold for the Blue Rock Thrush that has been showing considerably well from roof top to roof top in and around Fishers Close.

We left a little later and yep you guessed it after a stop for a Mc'ds breckie we arrived about 8.30am.

I would say about 100-150 people in the area but by this time there was no sign; it was -2 degrees and although the surrounding areas were thick with fog Stow was clear and had clear skies as well.

At Fishers Close we caught the arse end of a Waxwing after it was picked up on call going over head but couldn't see anything on it as it silhouetted out of view.

We stood in Fishers Close for about an hour during which a lady living in the close came out of her house advising she had not seen it that morning and then asked for a donation to the local care home which we gladly did.

Eventually we took a wander down some surrounding streets but still nothing.

Had it gone? Was it just being sensible and keeping snug?

Coffee time so we headed in to town and found a delightful cafe called Hacketts; being the only ones in here we chatted with the owner who herself seemed to have an interest in birds. She loved Redwings and who can blame her.

Back onto the housing estate where people were now dispersing, Fishers Close was now empty bar one nutter in shorts.

We decided to think for ourselves and this is possibly where we went wrong :) We took to the streets and made a circle of the larger area within the estate, still nothing. So by 11am we called it as we both had tings to do. It was my mums Birthday and he was doing the Chef bit for friends that evening.

Then about 1 hour into the trip home the news we didn't want to hear came in and its showed well and daily since. Surely that's worse than dipping and it not being seen again!

Now i spend a fair bit of time these days in Oxford so who knows could i get there mid week?

So its an escapee if i don't get back, and a mega tick if it does and i have been back..........

This is a first (dip) in my small amount of twitching, yes i missed the Little Bustard the other year but i did come home with another mega that day - Blyths Pipit so it didn't feel like i'd missed out.....

Its only a bird so go to laugh..........

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