Saturday, 21 January 2017

Waxwing - Rainham RSPB

The first outing with the new camera and #OMG i have so much to learn...... the best of a quite shocking bunch.........

The day started over the Valley looking for that dam Shrike again, another hour/half. Other locals were there as well but between us nothing.

After a couple of trips running the kids around a Scaup was reported on our local group and this followed shortly after from a call from Dave Mo. I headed over to find Dave McG, Steve Smith already there. Hawky rocked up shortly after sporting what looked like start of a Goatie. There's plenty of time for having a go at that if it continues...... :)

Moving on to Rainham RSPB for the car park Waxwing which showed very well. As such i had my first attempt with the new camera. Crofty telling me my ISO was to low, Dick telling me i need to add just under a 1/3rd....... the result was disappointing but this was further away than the Rayleigh ones and although not great is a better clarity than with the bridge......on wards and upwards...

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