Monday, 2 January 2017

Yellow Browed Warbler


This warbler has avoided me on all occasions that I've been in close proximity, Wells, Holkham, Titchwell on numerous occasion over the last few years. I've not twitched one until New Years Day i've refused to knowing i would see loads when i finally get my butt to Shetland one October.

Now the bird at Wanstead clearly wanted me to pay it a visist, its been there for a couple of weeks and each day news filters through from Messrs, Croft, Lethbridge and if it's Saturday Brown that in the South West corner of Alexandra Lake its still calling my name.

I dread going to Wanstead, purely because of the drive 45 minutes roughly, traffic, traffic and more traffic.

News Years Day and i was off to Rainham but then i noticed how little traffic was about, oh hell Wanstead it was. 11 minutes. Ridiculous. Every traffic light was green, the A12/406 round about was clear. Parking was a doddle......The bird on the other hand had decided that as i hadn't been over to see it earlier it would play hard to get.

An hour and a half with skies starting to get blacker and blacker i was going to have to leave. A few more minutes, then suddenly without a call i caught movement. There to my delight was the Yellow Browed Warbler. I tried to get the guy who had joined me onto but it didn't happen. It had gone away from the lake side Willows and headed into the island.

We both carried on looking, the rain started, we carried on, it got heavier then the flood gates opened... Sorry my friend i'm off - good luck....

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