Friday, 15 March 2013

Bird 190 - Hawfinch at Bramfield

I was chatting at with Martin at the last birders drinks and he mentioned he had popped over to Bramfield for Hawfinch's.
A bird i havnt seen before and pretty local. As such yesterday i made my way over arriving at the the site to find a couple of others milling around with no sign. They had just been chatting with another guy who had been there for the previous hour with no sighting who had just left.
The three of us took a little walk up the road to view some larger trees further up, nothing. This is where we parted ways as i headed back to the church. Heeding the advice of Shaun that they would come back as they have done time and time again.
BAM, as soon as arrived at the church up in the first large tree (Hornbeam, i think) x3 Hawfinch. What stunners and a great bird to tick off for number 190 on the life list.
courtesy of - an actual Bramfield Hawfinch
They took flight, circled off and returned then took off and not to be seen again whilst i was there until 12ish.

Bramfield seems a delightful village with this little church and thatched cottage houses.

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