Friday, 29 March 2013

Mucking Cold

On Thursday i was given a pass for a bit so headed for Mucking, the timing was a little out as the tide was coming in and had gone past the hide and was filling the little enclosed area next to Mucking Creek.
The last remaining mud was being swallowed up pretty quickly and slowly but surley the birds came in.
First on the scene were large numbers of Curlew, Blackwits & Avocet. Of each species it was the largest gathering of each i have seen so far and when the Blackwits & Avocet decided to take flight it was an awsome sight.
My attention was drawn to the Thames as a large container vessel slid on by; im glad it did as this then got me focussed on X2 Common Scoter. They floated for a bit and then took flight heading up river.
Back on the last remaining bits of mud, space was now at a premium, Teal, Pintail, Mallard joined the waders which now also showed Grey Plover, Dunlin & Turnstone.
By now i had no feeling in my feet so i headed in for a coffee and cheese and onion toastie, a rather flat looking toastie i must admit but it certainly hit the spot.
Now the average height of a man is 5ft 9. Im 5ft 11, so who decided to put windows in that centre that has joining window frames between the small lower ones and larger top ones at pretty much the exact height the average man needs to see out of the windows when sitting down for a cuppa? The frame join being so thick that anyone from 5ft 6 to 6ft 1 would have the same problem.
In fact an over heard conversation from the elderly couple at the next table went as follows when i slid down in my chair and viewed the bay. "ooo whats he looking at (she said) no idea, i cant see out of the window (he said)"
My only grumble from what has to be an amazing site and center and i didnt even go on the roof.
I headed off for a wander round the rest of the reserve and it was a great stroll. the highlight being a Short Eared Owl and a large Linnet flock.
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