Monday, 25 March 2013

Ferry Lane & Ingrebourne

The idea was for my first visit to Dungeness this morning, never happened; too cold.
So i hit Ferry Lane, Rainham in search of Wheatears, after arriving i soon spotted the Male Black Redstart in its now familiar spot on the river. Moving further along i found a female, then x2 Wheatear and lastly a Common Sandpiper.
Shorlty after a rather cold looking pair of individuals in the form of Dave & Russ who were watching a second female Blackstart.
Moving onto Ingrebourne in search of this years nemisis there (well not just this year, every year!), Siskin.........still my neminis! However down by the Iron Brige some great views of a Kingfisher on the scrape side along with a Water Rail.
Kingfisher being a new one for the Valley 2013 list, still not hit 60 yet, pretty awful really but if your @indoorstoomuch then thats what will happen....nothing.
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