Saturday, 24 September 2011

Barking Bay

So, i headed off to Barking Bay this afternoon; a page had come in for a Wryneck, found by Paul Hawkins that morning i was a few hours later at about 1.30pm.

I havnt been to the Bay before so had no idea what to expect, i hadnt even stuck it google for a look so when i arrived at Choats Road, the access point according to the pager all i could find was heavy-duty-keep-me-out-you-will-surely-impale-your-self-if-you-try-to-climb-it fencing. With no access point (that i could see).

So after a quick look at Google maps courtesy of the iPhone i headed down Choats Road to Renwick Road and turned left toawrds the Thames. I found myslef getting further and further away from what i thought was Barking Bay. Nothing left but to turn round and attack it from the other end.

Back down Choats, right into Hindmans Way all the way to the end right infront of the sea wall, turn right along the sea wall down Thunderer Road to its end.

And the end it was;i had arrived in the middle of some aggregate type looking firm; just about to give up and go, i spotted something, something that looked very out of place. A birder clambering up and over the sea wall, rather clumsily at that. I parked and got out and when he finally managed to sort himself out i asked the way to the Bay.

At that he pointed and said "up and over the wall mate" then "along the beach for a bit, up the bank by the 3 outlet pipes, along the concrete path, around the white building and then your there"

"No easier way i asked?" as i know that Dave Mo and Paul Hawkins are regulars here and i feel pretty confident that is not the way in they use every time, besides that would make it only accessible at low tide.

"No fella, up and over or go home" he sounded a little affended that i would question his whole approach of getting into the bay area so i went with it.

So here are the pictures of my route in.

Lee's Local Birding

Lee's Local Birding

Lee's Local Birding

Lee's Local Birding

Now there is a point to all the directions given, i am hoping that somebody could tell me the correct way of getting there please?

As for the Wryneck, i didnt see it but did manage to get some more Juvenile Gull ID practice. Also found a single Greenshank, that i saw fly, caught the white V along with hearing flight call.
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