Friday, 23 September 2011

Gull ID Practice

Back in March i went on a Gull ID workshop with Martin GarnerDominic Mitchell & David Darrell-Lambert.

In addition i was introduced to the Birding Artist - Ian Lewington; he assured me anybody can draw birds. I must disagree, i have tried and cant.

It proved very useful but i havnt really used any of the knowledge i picked up from that day.

As such i headed off to Aveley Bay this afternoon with my notes (no ID guide) from the day looking for a Juvenile, 1st or 2nd Winter bird (anything other than BHG). I found one mixed in with the Black Headed Gulls and set about trying to ID with the info i had obtained.

Now to more experienced birders what i was looking at was an easy ID but according to Martin the more i look at the regulars taking into account feather patterns etc the easier it will become and easier to find Yellow Legged, Caspian and who knows what else.

Drawing it up & note taking the ID i came up with was a Juvenile Herring Gull based upon the oak tree looking tertial pattern and knotches in the sadle feathers. In addition it was quite a dark bird, to dark for a 1W. It had a full black bill, pinkish legs and a black eye.

The good news - i got it correct ( i hope) so i can carry on with the methods knowing they are working.
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