Sunday, 11 September 2011

Rainham Marshes - Thames Wall to Aveley Bay

The plan was to visit The Stone Barges, Aveley Bay & head off to Ingrebourne Valley, however the car park was locked to The Stone Barges. I ended up passing the barrier at Coldharbour Lane and heading to the small car park by Aveley Bay.

At the bay a i went towards the barges, time was about 7.45am. Lots of mixed Gulls: Lesser Black Backed, Great Black Backed, Herring, a few Common and lots of Black Headed.

About 8 Swallows passed over heading South along with about 15 House Martins in the same direction.

4 Cormorant in Aveley Bay and 3 Ring Necked Parakeets came from accross the Thames and headed over into the reserve, banked right and moved down to the Woodland Area. A few Mallard lazed around on the shore.

I walked down the Thames back now towards the reserve center about half way. A hobby lazily swooped on something and then moved towards the center along with 3 Whinchats by the MDZ.

Looking for Terns for about an hour or so found more gulls all heading towards the tip. Deciding not to go in the Reserve moved onto The Valley looking to increase my patch list after the Whinchats in the top paddock. 
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