Saturday, 3 September 2011

A Garden Tick?

I was reading Jonathan Lethbridges blog earlier and its got me thinking about my Garden List, the rules are pretty simple; i have to be within the boundaries of my house as laid out by Land Registry.

So if im in the loft room and look out the window at the far end of Haynes Park with a scope do i count it; no....i like to be able to say i could see it with the naked eye but used optics for better views.

Now that brings me on to this damm Chiffchaff that frequents the fir tree at the end of the garden. i have hearding it calling on numerous occaisions and its even now started to sing again only a few versus here and there but its singing. I know its there and i know its in my garden and im in my garden; so do i count, i havnt seen it and its getting really annoying. I have sat there time after time hearing it calling 4 or 5 times, i am no more than 5ft away......then a call, its moved out the back of the fir and gone about 4 gardens up.

One day, one day i may catch a sight of it.
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