Sunday, 18 September 2011

Ingrebourne Valley - My Patch List Increases

More DIY on the house means little biridng again this weekend however i managed a trip over to Ingrebourne Valley early this moring arriving at the Berwick Woods car park at 6.30. I have never been over this early before and i was suprised how much more activity there was compared to when i have been visiting.

Heading towards the top paddock i immediately came accross a Green Woodpecker and then more Woodpigeons than i cared to count.

Chiffcaffs calling everywhere it seemed with some even singing. A new one for my pacth list, a young male pheasant in the field edge after the paddock.

Lee's Local Birding

As a first i went over the bridge and continued down the public footpath. This is where being still new to birding i realised i still have a long long way to go. There were LBJ's flying every where and i had no idea what they were.

I caught the calls of Goldfinches & Greenfinches passing over but these others were beyond me. A bit further down and the second increase in the pacth list, a wren followed very quickly by 2 Dunnocks, giving another increase.

As i headed back, Yellowhammers (although now not so yellow) by the bridge along with a Chiffchaff which i managed to view for some time.

Back home by 8am

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Other birds seen: Carrion Crow, Robin, Collard Dove, Starling, Grey Heron, Greylag & Canada Goose, Mallard.

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