Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Quiet Tylers Common & Wood

Tylers is fast becoming my quick fix; when i have only a short space of time i normally seem to end up here. Its Upminster / Harold Wood and i'm Hornchurch but it's quicker getting here than to Ingrebourne Valley for me.

Arriving at about 10am i was here for about 45 minutes; slight wind, overcast and with a threat of rain.

I took my now usual route down the left of the new plantation, the Linet flock here was c25. Blue & Great Tits calling and flitting from tree to tree.

At the bottom was the highlight of the hour, two Kestrels hunting. One to the far left the other to the far right. The one on the right catching prey and flying off over the lower paddock.

Redwing numbers on the wood side were higher than previuos with 13 birds being seen.

Magpie & Carrion Crow in the lower paddock and Woodpigeon (just the one) flying over.

On the connecting path between Wood & Common the Redwing numbers were about 25-30 so may be the food is getting lower so there spreading out and venturing over the to Wood side now.

Over at the Upper Paddock a group of Chaffinch x28 with also a probable Stock Dove x2 but i didnt get eneough on them. They were not Woodpigeon but could have been Feral. Shame really as Stock Dove would have been a patch tick but i havnt counted them.

It was then a client called and i spent the rest of the walk around the common talking the initial stages of financing the purchase of a retail outlet, so back to the car.

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