Saturday, 17 December 2011

Tylers Common Patch Increases

With clear skies, frosty floor and little wind i decided to head over to Tylers Wood to have a look for Bullfinches; it tunrns out i did not see any but i managed to increase my patch list by 6.

Parking at the top by Pages Wood as normall; although now being forced to since the councils crack down on dogging and closing the other car park; i set off down the left edge towards the valley.

At the bottom, i scanned the Hawthorn trees looking for Redwing and found the initial 4 along with a few Black Birds. At this time a single Ring Necked Parakeet flew over and a Skylark followed calling as it went.

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Over the little stream and heading up the bridle way revealed a large number of Redwing, probably 30 odd just in this little area. A Green Woodpecker called and flew from one tree to another some distance off but along the stream itself flushing a male Pheasant.

Heading over to the stable and fields, two Mallard were in the ditch and numerous Magpie & Carrion Crow were in the fields.

A tit flock over by the little pond contained Blue, Great & Long Tailed. Strangely both Great & Long Tailed Tits being patch firsts.

of the regular gulls heading over, 2x Common Gull, 2x Lesser Black but mainly Black Headed Gull.

Down by doggers bench i could hear a Song Thrush; strange how the council seemed to react about the area when the local residents announced they were taking things into their own hands and photographing individuals and then posting them on facebook and twitter - unsure off it actually happenned but a few local web sites were publishing this was the case. Anyway was nice to know you could survey the area without getting a nasty supprise!

Back in Tylers Wood a female Kestrel slowly flew and the hoverred over the new plantations.

Patch list now to 35

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