Thursday, 22 December 2011

Tylers Wood

This afternoon at about 1sh i set of with number one son to get some air, after being couped up all morning. It turned out to be a mission, i took the wrong buggy. I took the, chuck in the boot about towner, rather than the place in the boot the 3 wheeled air filled tyre out door off roader. As such by the time we had got to the bottom of the bridel path the wheels were clogged and it was slow progress.

After the other days visit i was looking foward to counting Redwing numbers - i did Zero today.

Plenty of Blue & Great Tit heading down the hill. Dunnock and Blackbirds flew in and out of the trees zig zagging a path in front.

New patch tick for me though, a group of 38 Pied Wagtail in the lower paddock.

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