Saturday, 31 December 2011

Weald Park

After getting the preperations for my dads birthday tomorrow; the girls asked if they could feed the ducks so we took a trip to Weald Park to feed both ducks and deer.

The usual flock of Jackdaw were grabbing food from around the deer enclosure; their numbers do seem to be more than usual.

On the main lake plenty of Black Headed Gull, Mallard, Coot, Canada Geese, Tufted Duck & Mute Swan.

Lee's Local Birding

Lee's Local Birding
After emptying 3/4 of a loaf into the water we headed over to the other lake, this time more for me than them as reading Dave's (DMG Hx Birder's) blog dated 19th/20th i wanted to try a catch up with the Goosanders, if they were still there,  as the only views i have had of these good looking birds was a distant view in the surf at Titchwell.

Taking note of the comments about the flight of these birds we stopped some distance away as at the far end were 5 birds. Not great shots with the compact but it was good to see them until a family headed down the other end with some dogs and put them to flight.

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