Friday, 2 December 2011

Rainham Marshes

A quip trip at lunch time today to see the Bearded Tits was worth while as they were showing really well, with one male and three females flying between varying pools over by the number wall.

I walked on to Butts Hide and at this time the pager had beeped for 2x Common Scoter, 2x Red Brested Mergansers & 1x 1w Caspian Gull all in Aveley Bay.

The Common Scoter would be patch ticks and the Red Brested Mereganser life ticks so i went immediatley.

I connected with the Scoter straight away along with the Caspian Gull however the Mergansers i never found.

Common Scoter - Only 2 birds seen at Rainham today
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