Monday, 7 May 2012

Ingrebourne Valley - Spotted Flycatcher??

Before i start getting into my morning over at Ingrebourne, i uttered two words whilst there that i have never said whist out birding, i dont know where they came from. The bird in question hasnt been on any of the local blogs of late and i havnt seen anything on any pager, alert system or twitter so its not as if i had the bird in mind.

However a bird landed no more than 10ft away from me with a clean view but for a very short space of time (few seconds). As it landed the words i uttered were "Spotted Flycatcher" along with a couple of others as its a lifer. I clocked what i could but in the short amount of time only got the head before it vanished off. I checked the i phone but i cannot be certain.

I beleive they have been seen a lot in the past in the valley so nothing unusual but im not counting it - too unsure.

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