Thursday, 24 May 2012

Rainham Marshes

I managed to get over Rainham yesterday in the sun; there was not much going on but the more usual species were very busy, building / repairing nests, collecting food for chicks. I was hoping to catch up with my first Sand Martins of the year but i didnt find any.

A female Wheatear was showing in the bay nicely until it got spooked by a dog a flew of towards the longer vegetation by the mud along with a single Swallow over head.

There were plenty of Chiffchaff and a few Willow Warbler around the Woodland area; a rather showing Cettis Warbler as you come to the reeds after Barretts hide. Its at time like this i wished i had got round to buying a camera.

As there wasnt much doing i decided to practice on Reed vs Sedge Warbler songs/calls. It was something i spent a lot of time doing last year and im pleased to say i got them right. 15 Reed vs 3 Sedge. There were more but these 18 were the only ones i could confirm by sight.

46 Species in all including Common Tern & Redshank.

I caught up with this family near the MDZ dipping area.

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