Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Leyton - Melodious Warbler

For me today was the most unusual place i have so far been for a twitch; Oliver Road, Leyton, for the (info from Dominic Mitchell's blog of today) 10th London record of Melodious Warbler and a first ever for me.

first saw it here

then here

As i arrived at the junction of Oliver Road and Ruckholt Road the pager went off which was a relief as it had not for about an hour. The time was now 12.50 and within the next 5 minutes i was on the bird which was showing well in  the first light green shrub by the fence in the top photo. Shortly after it flew to the other side of the scrub area. This time it did not go to the holly it had been seen in most of the morning.

I got a further couple of glimpses as it made its way through the brambles. About 20 minutes later a warbler was seen flying to the garden opposite and thats where i left it.

I was expecting a dullish yellow to the breast and under parts but was suprised to see it looking rather bright; in addition, in the quiter traffic times it could be heard as well.

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