Saturday, 16 February 2013

BTO Garden Watch

Well, cant get out, usual, usual.....So not to get disheartened by my exteme lack of being outdoors, i've signed up for the BTO Garden Watch.

Same rules as the RSPB January watch but done on a weekly basis and you can put as much or as little time in as you wish recording birds and other wildlife seen using your garden.

Maximum count at anyone time to be submitted for a minor anual donation of £17 per annum, although you do get a copy of their Bird Table magazine.

Mornings are going to be best for me so my first count was:

Blackbird x3, 2xm 1xf
Blue Tit
Carron Crow
Collard Dove x2
Great Tit x2
House Sparrow m
Long Tailed Tit x2
Starling x7
Stock Dove x2
Woodpigeon x4

Food out was: Fat Balls, Fat Block, Mixed Seed, Sunflower Hearts, Water, Apple, Bread.. lightly toasted & Peanuts
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