Saturday, 9 February 2013

Wish id had my 5 iron, good swing speed....

A normal Saturday morning for a change.....woot woot, girls dancing me and Heath on our own.
I've never really touched on the dogs over the Valley, commented yes but not gone into it. However of late im getting a bit fed up with dog owners presuming that i find it, cute, funny, allowable and an aah moment when one of their muts decides to stick his head in the buggy and start licking Heath whilst the owner stands some distance away, smiling as if i'm perfectly happy with the situation. Well im not.
I dont not like dogs but i wouldnt want one. Room 101 started me thinking about last week over at Berwick Glades; me the three kids, when as Room 101 would call, it a Devil dog sprang from no where hurtling a full speed with teeth on show towards the kids with no Chav in sight.
Whats the protocol here? (any comments?)

I know what i did, the dog stopped pretty quickly and turned back just as quick as it arrived. At that moment the obligatory Chav turned into the Glades, hood up, reading his mobile.
So today i was pretty reluctant to go over and face "The Hounds of Ingrebourne Valley" and as such i headed for a wander from Rossi's Ice Cream parlour under the pier to the life boat station and back at Southend.
I still havnt managed to get on the pier, today because of time constraints, so was hoping to pick up the usual Med Gulls, Turnstone etc.
It wasnt a huge list bt i thoroughly enjoyed the walk: Herring Gull, Common Gull, Black Headed Gull (No Med, after sifting through well over 200 BHG), Sanderling, Turnstone, Cormorant & Brent Geese.

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