Thursday, 21 February 2013

Regents Park

I had to take Mrs B into London yesterday, just off Marylebone Road and luckily the Bearded Tits had relocated from Hyde Park to Regents Park. I wasnt to know at this point that they had made their merry way to Amwell, although was aware they had been seen leaving the site. Wasnt hopeful but we only had an hour before the meeting so just being able to be out looking was a great start.
We enetered Regents park at the corner of Park Square East and the Outer Circle, walking the path along the bottom of the Outer Circle to the Boating lake where we proceeded up to the Cafe across the couple of ornamental bridges, then back down and on to Marleybone Road cutting through from York Bridge/Gate.

As we went along the path to the lake, Woodpigeon, Blackbird along with expected Feral Pigeon.

At the lake i was struck by the number of Black Headed Gulls,  i didnt count but it had to easily be over 500 with one yellow colour ringed bird but i coudnt get its number.

As we moved along Grey Heron x6 and all remarkably un bothered by the large numbers of people within 6 foot chucking left over sandwiches at them.

 Two Little Grebes could be seen along the far edge keeping out of the mele on the path side along with numerous Coot & Moorhen.

As the boating lake opens up x3 Herring Gull; 2x adult and 1x 2nd Winter.

A couple of Egyptian Goose headed over as we stood looking at the lake, expecting food.

 The Boathouse was approaching when on the left were two Bar Headed Geese mixed in with the Canada & Greylag, Mrs B said no they are real when i muttered plastic.

The reeds as expected were void of any Bearded Tits so we continued on to the cafe, Tufted Duck, Pochard & Red Crested Pochard x3.

 As we headed over to the two bridges a fair few Mandarin and Wood Duck,

 Finally a Pintail & Shelduck x2

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