Monday, 4 February 2013

Outdoors Calling

Another weekend gone in the blink of an eye and another weekend where i couldnt get any birding in; well not strictly true.
For about 40 minutes i managed a slow slow slow short walk around one set of small woods over at the Berwick Glades. Why so slow?
Firstly No1 son was on foot and struggled climbing his way through the grass....
Secondly both daughters came and they are much like their mum; as such walking in the cold, damp, pretty muddy field was going to be hard work and involve moaning (sorry Mrs B but you know it's true)
He was ok, thoroughly enjoying himself however they, as expected, didnt stop moaning, actually they did for two brief moments.
The first of these moments was when they decided that collecting longer bits of grass, leaves and strange shapped peices of wood would help them create more mess at home when immersing themselves in arts and crafts whilst covering themselves in mud in the process.
The second happened after one of them decided she would forget what barbed wire is; run off to the top paddock to see the horses; climb onto the lower run and hook hers arms over the top run; now realising she was stuck meant she had to stop moaning.

Also at this moment No1 son decided it was the perfect time to jump into a puddle which just so happened to be a small run off, so he ended up knees deep and laughing his little head off proceeded to SPLASH SPLASH SPLASH.
So after unhooking one daughter, manning the lifeboats for No 1 son i turned to now find the other daughter..........
you guessed it, looking at a small group of Lesser Redpoll on the trees in front of her "Daddy what are those birds called?"
Didnt see much else but maybe just maybe the outdoors is calling one of them!
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