Thursday, 7 February 2013

Slavonian Grebe - Littlebrook

I hadnt taken the oppertunity to get over to Dartford and see the performing Slavonian Grebe. Although the photo's on most local blogs have been great i didnt full appreciate how good the views would be. The only Slav i had seen so far was last year at Hanningfield when it was a dot on the watery landscape, ie not great.
So this afternoon i had a trip to Orpington to drop off a mortgage deed for a client just so it could be signed and taken into their solicitors tomorrow for exchange of contracts on their new house, talk about above and beyond. The trip wasnt entirely selfless as although not prepared, no optics, i knew it was still there.
On the return leg, a quick call to birder Harvey who confirmed i wouldnt need any optics, meant the detour.
After parking up the first thing i heard by The Bridge management center at the end of the bus lane was the "trill" of Waxwing x7.
iphone shot

Arriving at the small pond i was supprised to see the bird straight in view about 10ft away, i edged to the left of the lake (from roadside) to an area of the lake surrounded by smallish Hawthorn when it decided to leave the accompanying Coots behind and head my way. Thinking it may head in the inlet i pushed my way through before the bird saw and sat and waited.
Shorlty after it was about 3ft in front of me, stupidly i hadnt got my iphone out so couldnt photo graph it. It was so close that any move for the phone would have sent it to the other end. It then went under - phone out.
It was still close when it surficed but not as close. The video below was taken and looks pretty good on the iphone, shame it looses it on here.

Also as it moved away a few pictures

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