Sunday, 22 January 2012

And what happened was.....

At 6am the alarm went off and i immediately responded by giving it a huge whack into sleep mode. After a few more whacks the other half told me to get up and get out; she was tired but there was to be no lie in for her; the two eldest woke and started the usual noise in the bedrooms and then number one son woke wanting his bottle.

After one bottle, making tea for the wife i was showered, dressed and in the car; time was now 7.15am.

Finally arrived at the LB causeway at Abberton Reservoir 8.05am; numerous Mute Swan, loads of Shoveller. In addition there were Wigeon, Teal, Coot, Black Headed Gull, Littel Egret, Grey Heron, Starlings, Greylag along with a strange Greylag / Mute Swan Combo; it looked like a Greylag but it had a the bill of a Mute Swan. Mallard, Tufted Duck, Pochard, Gadwall - No Smew

A quick drive south to Salcott and there was also No Great Grey Shrike but the fields there did turn up Mistle Thrush and Red Legged Partridge x8.

Finally arrived at Fingrinhoe Wick 9.30am and Swallow Birding (Steve Grimwade) were there trying to drum up business for the tours and doing brief guided walks. Choosing to go my own way i headed off to Robbies Hide for the Glossy Ibis. Curlew c30, Avocet c45, Herring Gull, Grey Plover c35, Black Headed Gull, Little Egret. On the far bank a Buzzard, Brent Geese c60, Oystercatcher. Two Red Breasted Mergansers headed up river and a Rook landed in the trees to the left of the hide. No Glossy Ibis.

As i left the hide Swallow Birding were heading in. I headed round the other side of the North Marsh. No Glossy Ibis.

By now i was getting the theme for the day; No this No That and to make matters worse as i turned a corner heading back to the car Steve and the group were looking off to the right. Steve beckoned and mouthed Shrike.  I must of been no more than 15 steps away from them and as i looked it had flown. Now theres a suprise!

Time to go home i think; no, forget the Shrike forget the Ibis, just take a wander before heading back to the car and take it in.

Onto the viewing area looking over the river and marsh edge. Redshank, more Curlew, more Oystercatcher, Marsh Harrier, Glossy Ibis, more Avocet, more Shelduck...........hang on Glossy Ibis.
So was it a bad morning - hell no. Firstly TWO life ticks and one from the 2012 most wanted; Red Breasted Merganser and the Glossy Ibis.

courtesy of
Year ticks for the above two along with Great Spotted Woodpecker, Grey Plover, Avocet, Mistle Thrush & Rook

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