Friday, 27 January 2012

Total Fudge

This blog is supposed to a record of where i went in conjunction with my software for what i saw regardless of a good or bad day.

I was looking foward to Wednesday, the pagers had been going off for a female Ferruginous Duck at the West Lake in Thamesmead, viewable from the Morrisons car park. I had a client to meet in Northfleet so on the way back it would not be long before i could be on a quick detour.

I grabbed the wifes car that morning, its bigger and a lot more comfortable than mine and set off; happily on my way and on the crest of the Dartford Bridge is when it began, something that had never happened to me before.

I look down at the dashboard and saw the frost warning light on; Actually thats not a frost warning light, thats a low on petrol light (so you know whats coming). I flicked the computor to show me how many miles i had to go, expecting about 12ish; no, it revealed the rather stagerringly low figure of  0, Zero, Empty.

I managed to get down the bridge and through the toll, up the exit and accross towards the Total Garage some way off on the edges of Dartford, thats when i started to jump, learch and realise that i wasnt going any further. In the Holiday Inn drive way i rolled and with momentum i bumped up the kerb.

The receptionist in the Holiday Inn confirmed that the neareast garage was the one i was headeding for.

Not to worry, cab there, fill a can, back in the cab, fill the car, back to the garage, fill up job done.

I open my wallet to find that i have every card possible, Donor Card, Costa Coffee Club, Driving License, Game Membership Card; NO VISA DEBIT, NO CASH.

A long walk was now in order, i dont know if you have ever walked in the muddy verges of a dual carriage way, espicially in a suit, but its not nice, the mud isnt just mud, its grease, oil, petrol & general dirt.

An hour and half the return trip took, i tried to do some birding along the way to take my mind off things, Chaffinch, Dunnock, Great Spotted Woodpecker, Grey Heron, Black Headed Gull, Common Gull, Herring Gull, Lesser Black Backed Gull (the gulls being on some lake to my right as i went to the garage). Redshank, Teal & Mallard along the muddy banks of a tidal river that i went over. Didnt help though, i was still thoroughly fed up.

So finally back in the car with a full tank, one ruined pair of shoes, one knackered pair of suit trousers - yep, skipped the bit about a friend coming over the bridge with two crisp £50's just as i got back to the car!

My day got better, apparently we have some form of AA on that car, they would have come to my rescue and i could have just sat there and waited - oh well, i can see the funny side now.

As for the Fudge, it didnt show

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