Friday, 6 January 2012

White Fronted Goose Had The Front To Move

Sitting at home this morning waiting for a guy to arrive to prvide us with a quotation for rendering the house it was fortunate that he called to day he wasnt turning up today and re arranged. Shortly after the pager and twitter alerts went off for a White Fronted Goose, found by Dave Mo, in the Top Paddock over at Ingrebourne Valley.

A 2012 & Patch tick, saw me asking the usual permissions to go. Within the hour i was parked by the Top Paddock to find Keith (who i know from Rainham) coming out into the road. He had looked in the paddock but found no Geese, so we headed off to look in the fishing lake the other side of the road.

Inital viewing; no Geese but within a few minutes Geese arrived from out of sight on the far bank. Initially we found a Greylag with a rather large and unusual white facial marking (Since posting Dave Mo has posted his shots and this bird is in them) and then another.

There was a little group now consisting of about 25 birds all facing the wrong way and then strangely they parted into two groups leavng a bird firmly on its own and in the middle, head on but at a slight angle so we could see facial and side markings - one White Fronted Goose. this fishing lake part of the Ingrebourne Valley? Is it countable as an Ingrebourne Valley list?
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