Sunday, 1 January 2012


Well; just over one year in; 154 birds seen since October 2010 and 151 of those seen in 2011.

Its been a very interesting year, discovering places that previously i wouldnt have paid any attention to (Barking Bay), going to places that i have never heard of (Vange marsh for one).

Trying to work out the differences between the calls and songs of most things common has been great fun and i've improved no end. Digi scoping is still disastrous as seen by the photos posted but its amusing trying.

So with the Slaty Backed Gull under my belt from January as the biggest sighting of the year what have been my favorite moments;

Martin Garners gull ID day back in March was excellent; picked up a load of information from him and with the association he has with Dominic Mitchell we had access to the landfill site for the morning.

My favorite viewing wasnt the Slaty it was the Firecrest over in Warley Place followed by the Med Gulls at Two Tree Island from the hide looking over the Avocet nesting area.

Titchwell came up with the most variation in a day with 58 and it was made even better by being there with family.

Looking at the 154 found to date and seeing the information that has come in from "pagers" "blogs" "iphone apps" theres a lot of birds i could have seen and would class as the easier finds; its these birds i will try for this year.

So have i had a good birding year - i think on to 2012 - Happy Birding All!

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