Sunday, 8 January 2012

Warley Place On Fire? No - But Struck Gold

After heading over to S-O-S this morning i made my way back and ended up passing Warley Place, earlier than i thought i popped in for a quick circuit on the hope of finding the Firecrests.

No such luck today; however i did get a few patch ticks and some more for 2012

Redwing x68 - Patch Tick
Chaffinch x4
Blue Tit x8
Great Tit x1
Blackbird x6
Goldcrest x2
Woodpigeon x1
Long Tailed Tit x3
Stock Dove x3
Wren x2
Carrion Crow x2
Kestrel x1 - Patch Tick
Nuthatch x1
Goldfinch x14

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