Sunday, 22 January 2012

So; The Plan!

I have been feeling all week like going somewhere that i dont go that often; a little drive in the country; not that far but just far enough to feel like i had been somewhere.

Looking at the RBA bird map for the week the conclusion was Fingrinhoe Wick for the Glossy Ibis.

So the plan was to get up at 6am (not that early, normally up at 6.30am any way) be in the car and heading for Abberton Reservoir arriving on the Layer causeway for 7.30am and then; because its my plan; park by the wall overflow and there in all its glory will be the Smew.

I can then drive about two minutes south to Salcott cum Virley for the Great Grey Shrike and, even though it seems to like the afternoons, as soon as i arrive at the cross roads there it will be.

On to Fingrinhoe, park the car and after a quick scan of the marsh there it will be and just after i find it the second Great Grey Shrike of the day will fly to a tree just infront.

Back in Hornchurch for no later that 12.30 - what a morning

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