Friday, 13 January 2012

Basmati 2 Minute in the bag SEO

My first attempt at a 2012 most wanted and my third attempt at the Short Eared Owls over at Rainham.

By 2.30pm i was parked up by Tilda Rice and walking along the cycle path. This was the first time i had been over this section so wasnt to sure exactly what to expect or where they would be. After walking most of the way to the A13 i doubled back and just as getting to the little bridge by the divide between this section and the next i got a very brief view of my first ever SEO.

It rose very elegantly into view and then out of sight. Following the mound it then kept coming in and out of view and eventually came over to my side allowing two minutes of views eventually looking in my direction getting so i got a clear view of the face - superb!

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